Your Wellbeing Is Our No.1 Priority, Because You Deserve The Best.

Your Wellbeing Is Our No.1 Priority,
Because You Deserve The Best.

Dealing With Stress And Anxiety

Engage in insightful discussions featuring Reflo’s Ms Candid, Church Girl, Barbie, Womanist, and Maverick on Dealing with Stress and Anxiety....

Prepare for an intellectually stimulating week with Reflo’s TV as we delve into the intricacies of “Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.” Engage in insightful discussions featuring Reflo’s Ms Candid, Church Girl, Barbie, Womanist, and Maverick.

Reflo’s Ms. Candid dives into the topic of “Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.” She believes that stress is an inevitable part of being human and discusses various types of stress, such as financial stress and marital stress. She then highlights effective strategies for managing and overcoming stress, including meditation, self-care activities, engaging in hobbies, avoiding alcohol and drug use, and taking care of one’s physical health by staying hydrated, eating fruits, and taking multivitamins.

Reflo’s Church Girl acknowledges that stress is a common experience in various aspects of life, such as work, school, family, and relationships. She offers valuable advice on how to manage oneself during stressful moments, such as taking rest, quiet reading to relax the brain, connecting with loved ones, engaging in recreational activities, and finding solace in musical therapy, like attending choral concerts. Church Girl concludes that wearing oneself out is not rewarded, and it is essential for individuals to take rest when feeling tired.

Reflo’s Womanist educates viewers on effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety. She underscores the importance of not relying too heavily on others and instead learning how to control emotions, set boundaries by saying no when necessary, seek help from counselors, parents, friends, and loved ones, and engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

Reflo’s Barbie stresses the importance of living in the present moment as a means to conquer anxiety in life. She then delves into the definition of stress and anxiety. She discusses various methods she personally employs to deal with these feelings, such as indulging in self-care activities like traveling, getting a pedicure, or receiving a massage. Additionally, she highlights the significance of interacting with trusted friends and engaging in fun activities. Barbie firmly believes that holding onto negative experiences only leads to bitterness.

Reflo’s Maverick acknowledges that stress and anxiety are universal experiences that everyone encounters at some point in their lives. To help manage these feelings, she provides a list of solutions. Maverick suggests taking time to reflect and practicing breathing exercises as effective stress management techniques. She also highlights the impact that stress and anxiety can have on one’s sex life. Furthermore, she recommends exercising, going out and having fun with friends, letting loose and partying, and listening to uplifting music as ways to overcome stress.

How do you relieve your stress? 

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