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Reflo’s Womanist

Who is Reflo’s Womanist?


I started off as a very smart, talented, innovative young girl who wanted to become an astronaut, as a model and to have an influence on the community and the world at large. I always thought this world was a fairyland and rosy but journeying through it taught me otherwise.

I am Benedicta Fidel Dosu, also known as REFLO’S WOMANIST.

My dreams somewhat seemed nothing close to a possibility. My plans in life seemed as though they were at war with me. Like every typical African home, my folks had higher expectations of me and every day that passed without me excelling was a lost hope for them. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments in my life. I transitioned; I readjusted my mindset to the reality of the world.

I started working to achieve the little things that were possible, I learnt to readjust my life from all the failures and mistakes. What became important to me was my contribution and dedication to the life of others, especially people with mental health issues and the wellbeing of the girl child. I realised that was my gift and strength. I became intentional about it and ever since I’ve looked to follow this cause.

I encountered Reflo’s on social media, read about them and my interest grew. I auditioned for Reflo’s TV and was elated that Reflo’s vision of changing the mindset of the African girl child and African women; to protect their rights, and mental health and instil in them African values were in alignment with my own goals. That grew my interest. Soon we were on the field helping to change the lives of the African people. Working with the team at Reflo’s is nothing short of a miracle because each individual plays a certain role that fits our vision perfectly, and I must say it’s been wonderful. The women are wonderful. The kitchen women are even better. You can never go home hungry with all that wonderful delicacies they feed us.

My boss who is my current woman mentor is an absolute angel, a motivator and a fixer. She plays a role in all departments of the company effortlessly. Working with her is like living in a land of dreams. I believe together, we will successfully fulfil my purpose as Reflo’s Womanist.

I look to empower women who are oppressed by various forms of stereotypes and bring significant impact to the lives of each individual here in Africa.


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Reflo Womanist