Miss Candid

“There is no one like you. You are one in a billion!”

Who Is Reflo's Miss Candid?

Natasha Amos-Abanyie is my name. I earned the name REFLO’S MS CANDID on Reflo’s TV due to my frankness on issues.

I grew up with my single hardworking mother and twin sister in Accra, Ghana. Despite the hardships, my mother never compromised on our education and worked hard to provide for us. My upbringing instilled in me a strong work ethic and a desire for independence.

I stumbled upon a women empowerment program advertised on social media, I applied and got the chance to work with Reflo Company Limited. Working with Reflo has been therapeutic for me as I am an introvert who never imagined being in the limelight. However, the program’s cause and agenda pushed me to join, and I also believe that everyone has a responsibility to better their society and make the world a better place.
I made a significant contribution to a charity project with Jonata Foundation, a non-profit organisation my mother established. I collaborated with the MTN Foundation to build a four-classroom block for the Obeyeyie primary school in Amasaman and donated clothing and food items to the Osu Children’s Home and the Rafiki Foundation.

It’s been an honour working with Rebecca Osam, the Managing Director for Reflo Company Limited. I love Reflo’s brand and its products of sanitary pads and diapers. I am pleased that finally there is a brand out there that is not only interested in profits but rather interested in educating our young girls about personal hygiene and bringing them the best sanitary pads on the market and at an affordable price.”


Trusted By More Than 945,000 People

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