There is dignity in doing it right.

Reflo’s Church Girl

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Reflo’s Church Girl

Reflo's Church Girl
Reflo's Church Girl
Reflo's Church Girl

Who Is Reflo's Church Girl?

I am Fidelia Serwaa Ankomah, also known as REFLO’S CHURCH GIRL.

I have always had a passion for sharing knowledge and empowering others. From a young age, I would gather my siblings and other children in my neighbourhood to teach them what I had learned in school. This passion led me to write posts on Facebook and create visual content related to personal and social development.

In 2021, I applied for a position as a female presenter for a show focused on women’s development and began working with Reflo Company Limited to produce women empowerment-related content on YouTube. I have used every opportunity on the platform to promote the capabilities of women and the need to respect and uphold their rights.

Given my style of advocating for the right things to be done and acting with dignity at the back of my mind, I was given the name REFLO’S CHURCH GIRL; with the tagline, ‘There is dignity in doing it right.’

Also, it’s inspiring to work with a female boss who is committed to the empowerment agenda and brings other women who represent the collective fibre of women in society. Working with these women has helped me to understand and appreciate the various perspectives of the issues that affect women and how they can be addressed.

The company’s commitment to women’s health is evident in the quality and affordability of the sanitary pads they produce to ensure effective menstrual hygiene. Their efforts to support various menstrual hygiene causes and outreaches across the country are commendable and speak volumes about their commitment to women. As a user of their sanitary pads, I can attest to its quality features, including its absorbent, super soft cotton feel, and extra wings that help prevent leakages. It’s a joy to be part of this brand that prioritises women’s health and well-being.”


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"Reflo’s sanitary pads are the best on the market. They’re made with super absorbent cotton feel materials, with wide wings intact to hold one’s underwear firmly to prevent leakages. Not bulky and very comfortable to wear. And the icing on the cake is that they are affordable!"