Reflo’s Barbie

You go girl, you are magical!

Reflo’s Barbie

Who Is Reflo's Barbie?

I often refer to myself as “the lucky bird” because I seem to have a way of attracting the best things in life. While I have experienced some difficult situations, I have been fortunate enough to navigate my way out of them. My luck has always seemed to save me from shame and disgrace, and for that, I am grateful.

I am Priscilla Selorm Obuobisah, also known on Reflo’s TV as REFLO’S BARBIE.

As a result of seeing how independent my mother was, I have always been the type of lady who believes in working hard to achieve my own goals and not depend on others. During my time at university, I ventured into modeling, acting and worked as a video vixen. I even participated in beauty pageants, where I was 2nd and 3rd runner-up. However, when I attempted to participate in Miss Malaika Ghana, I realised that financial capability was also essential, and I had not yet achieved financial independence.

Instead of succumbing to the pressures of individuals who wanted to take advantage of me as a condition to help me financially, I started a relationship and health show on Facebook, which received positive feedback.

One day, I stumbled upon a post on Instagram that a friend had tagged me under, which required capable young ladies with my level of experience. I applied and was invited for an interview and audition. However, when I started working with Reflo Company Limited, I realised that my skills and experience were inadequate. 

Though I was initially fearful, my colleagues and the Managing Director, Madam Rebecca, encouraged and motivated me to become a better version of myself. Through my work with Reflo Company Limited, I have learned effective communication, self-belief, and perseverance. I look forward an exciting future with Reflo Company Limited.


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